Running Behind

It’s been a loooooong while since I’ve written or posted anything. As per my usual excuse, I’ve been busy and lazy and busy and anxious for a while now.

I’ve been pushing myself to be more active. Biking, jogging, and long-distance walking have been my exercises. And I’ve honestly enjoyed biking the most. It’s been practically forever since I rode a bike and I was ecstatic when my dad told us about him purchasing 2 mountain bikes. Of course, I had dibs! I’m still pretty lazy though and in serious need of motivation.

I’ve been really busy with my job especially catching up for the office ISO requirements. Cataloguing and arranging and masterlisting documents, books, reference materials, and IEC materials is time consuming to say the least. I hafta say though, the government should try to cut down with all the paper they waste every single day, it’s a sad reality. It’s also a real bore but you gotta do what it takes to get that paycheck.

I’ve been also caught up with some of my work prospects. I applied, unironically, to another branch of government but this has much better opportunities for me. It’s been nitty gritty and the acceptance process has been painstakingly difficult. Not to mention expensive (maybe this could be my motivation for exercising?). Hopefully, everything will come together. Please pray me for me/wish me luck, you guys!

I had to comply some extra requirements for this shindig, namely a pulmonary clearance and a cardiology clearance to which I had to perform a stress test. First time to take a stress test and it was literally stressful. You basically walk and/or run on a treadmill nonstop until you either have a heart attack or pass out. I saw my dad take one earlier in the year but I didn’t know it was that hard. I had to quit at the 93% mark because my legs cramped up really badly and even though wanted to go through until the end! Anyway, all my results have been normal and I’ve already sent them to the medical team/doctor. Again, fingers crossed and all prayers sent to the far corners of the universe to whichever higher being willing to show me kindness/mercy.

I’m not sure how to end this post, so I bid you a pleasant rest of your day (or night, if your reading this and it’s dark outside haha). Talk to you next time, yeah?

Unconventional Girl

Every week that I don’t update this blog, I feel like the biggest douchebag this side of the planet. Work has been pretty toxic lately, people have been so demanding that my mind is a puddle of goo at the end of every work day. What do you want from meeee?! Also, there have been more trips to Iloilo these last two months or so. Overall, life has been hectic.

At home, my parents have finally decided to get our house painted. It took all month to finish but replacing the dreary gray cement colour with creamy beige was quite refreshing change. In the process our house became a constantly dusty, hazy wasteland.

For my bedroom, I chose a pale mint but it ended up looking a teensy bit tacky. When you ask for a creamy green colour reminiscent to a Starbucks green tea latte (without the mossy foam) and get Kitkat Matcha in return. You’ll definitely be livid with the day labourer you hired because he’s an arrogant little shit (who kept bragging about how he worked on the new Jollibee) and didn’t even bother to show you how the paint would turn out. I’ve moved past it and now it’s sorta hilarious. In the right light, it’s not as tacky as I initially discerned.

I’m still in the process of unpacking my stuff. I never really noticed how much junk I had until now. It’s all been tucked in their own little corner of my room that now that they’re coming out of dozens of boxes, it’s disorienting. Most of my clothes will be put in storage, shirts I love that are sadly ill-fitting now are handed down to my brother. I hope he appreciates my band and fandom tees. My books are a whole different story though, I have a LOT of books and I’ve been doubling over whether I should put them back on their shelves or just keep them in a box. I love seeing them out on display but cleaning them is always an issue. I still have 3 or 4 more box organizers to buy from Daiso in Roxas City since they make my hoarding look aesthetically pleasing, and a balikbayan box full of bags, office/school supplies, art materials, and random knick-knacks to go through.

I’ll probably put up/add photos later when everything’s in order (that may take awhile). Ending this post on a slightly positive note because I may not survive the rest of the week. Good luck to me. Talk to y’all later!

Festival Blues

Hala Bira? More like NAH BRUH

Remember, last December when I went to Manila to chaperone my Grandmother? Well, a few days ago, she and my cousin were due to arrive from the US and I was once again delegated to fly to Manila to collect her. Ya’ll probably know all about this from my previous post, so moving on.

I have been so worked up over not being able to celebrate Ati-atihan, throwing a few hissy fits/mini pity parties in between errands, that by the time I flew in from Manila on the eve of the festival, I was sleeping like the dead the next day and completely missed the festivities all together.

Long story short, I’m a dunce for going on a temporary coma (I was really REALLY tired, okay!) on the occasion I’ve been raving about for months. So as of today, I’ve missed *counts fingers* a total of 6 Ati-atihan Festival celebrations since I started uni. Depressing, is it not? I was so stoked and so ready and just UGH. I don’t know about you and what goes on where you come from but this festival is a really BIG DEAL here. Forealz.

Alas, Fortuna was not with me, therefore I must admit defeat (even though I am jealous of all my friends and their gr8 photos).

I’m not the only person who lucked out this year, though. There’s even a starter pack for people like us, geezus. I guess what I’m saying is that I should take it easy, book tickets in advance (if I’ll be anywhere other than home), prep (get shit straightened) and set my schedule (prioritize) by the time January 2017 rolls in.

It’s back to work for me so let’s all pray and keep our fingers crossed for next year, yeah?