Paw Pack Updates

New paw pack members – Khloe and Kendall – are now 2 months old and look how they’ve grown! Time flies so fast and watching these little tykes transform from cuddly little burritos to fluffy balls of mischief is the best.

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 Meet Khloe (L) Kendall (R) !!!

We were really surprised that these two were even born because we’ve been trying to not get Athena pregnant anymore. She’s had 5 litters already and she’s such a small dog to begin with. I can’t even begin to imagine what she goes through. Despite the unexpectedness, this duo is a welcome addition to the family. PUPPIES ARE BLESSINGS!

Unlike the previous litters, where my aunt would sell some of the pups, she’s decided to keep the newborns (there was just the two, anyway) like with The Wild West litter aka Cooper’s and his brothers’ litter.

Khloe’s my cousin’s since she misses having a girl while Kendall has been entrusted to me. They’re still pretty youngand needs more supervision than I can give so the both of them remain with their mum, where they could nurse and bond with the rest of the pack. My Grandma’s pretty much happy as long as she has the dogs. She’s the Princess Mononoke to all 10 of ’em. And no, I’m not kidding.

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The Coopz and K²

Cooper’s still a bit reserved/adamant around the little ones. He’s flighty when they try to play with him. I think he’s scared of them since he and his brothers were the last litter before the two. Basically, he has no idea what to do around tinier versions of himself. What a cute lil dumb-dumb. I love him so much!

I can’t wait to take Kendall home but in the meantime, I’m very much happy with taking Cooper to my Grandma’s house for his bi-weekly visits for playtime and bonding.


I just got back from a short trip from Manila (my first one in ages!!!) to send off my Gran and cousin Bea for their trip to America. Who knew I would miss the city so much? Despite the grime, the pollution, the terrible traffic, the sketchy individuals that roam the streets and its general unsavouriness, I totally did. I even made a list —



Top 10 things in (Metro) Manila I’ve missed and will miss again:
  1. Public transport after 7 PM
  2. All my friends (I’m so sorry for not meeting up with you)
  3. Cultural gatherings, fairs, art shows, concerts and museums + galleries
  4. Diverse restaurants/food establishments
  5. Malls.
  6. Divisoria
  7. Good milk tea shops (ones that Aklan doesn’t have which is all of them ‘cept for Chatime in Boracay, that one Moonleaf and those 2 or 3 independent shops)
  8. My bunk bed and our cramped apartment
  9. Pita bread
  10. Green tea latte 24/7


See how my priorities are in order? Anyway, I haven’t really done anything productive since I was literally there for just a weekend. I did, however, got the chance to buy some badly needed essentials such as:
Rush Hour - Bag Lightning Ipad Case
[1] A decent-sized duffel bag for my random overnight stints for work. [2] An obnoxiously expensive lightning cable from Beyond the Box. Charging is hard and I don’t need to borrow from my parents anymore! And finally, [3] a new iPad case from somewhere other than Beyond the Box (their shit is expensive). RIP to my old Capdase iPad cover, you will be missed.


Side Note: 2 Broke Girls S05 is already airing! Haven’t caught up yet but dear God, please let it still be funny.

Our first night, Bea and I spent time wandering Ermita and crying in H&M, eating vague items off of Paotsin’s menu (I swear to God the Nanking beef with noodles taste and feels like I’m back in Jakarta), drinking one too many milk teas in a single night and bonding over our mutual contempt of overpriced clothing.


Bae Happy Lemon
Trashy but classy

I apologize for the lame photo of Happy Lemon, but it’s my first cocoa with rock salt & cheese in 8 months and look how fucking bomb my bag is. I’m also sorry for our faces. We took a jeepney to Taft and what usually takes 20-30 minutes, ended up being 2 hours sitting quietly, inhaling fumes and praying that we don’t get stabbed.


It was really nice to see my cousins after a while. I haven’t seen Bea since I visited Jakarta last year, and my other cousins have been hard at work/studying.


On Saturday, we were treated to some awesome Korean food at this quaint little place in Tomas Morato called 1970 Grill. We ordered starters and chose budae jjigae for the main entree.

There was only three of us since Nathan was indisposed at the time (he played too much basketball in España) and we basically ate our weight in army stew. I’ve heard of army stew before because I love trashy Discovery/NatGeo documentaries but this was my first time to try it. It was ace. I was so full that we just walked around for a while and watched the pride parade.


The tofu was fucking bomb. I missed Korean food so much, that I didn’t even cry (much) when we dug in the kimchi and the spicy jjigae. Note to self: I must find out what they use as vinaigrette for the cabbage.


Fastforward to Sunday, my aunt and I chauffered the travelling duo to the airport. My Gran will be in the US for 5 weeks and I hope Bea will get to enjoy her stay, see all the sights and the whole shebang. I’ll be checking up on them later, I’m not sure what the exact time they’ll arrive in Atlanta.

Look how nice this photo is. Is it safe to say that NAIA is improving? Even if they’re moving at like, the slowest possible pace there is?


Now that I’m back in Aklan, I can’t help but feel incredibly tan after staying under the harsh 8AM sun (I kidd you not) trying to flag down taxi after taxi so I can get to NAIA T3 on time for my flight. If there’s one thing I won’t miss from Manila, it’s the traffic and the picky drivers. Anyway, I gotta go get my license renewed or something. Bye!