PSA: Of Slackers And New URLs


I know for the past year, this blog has been sorely neglected. I have failed all of you and I sincerely apologize. I, as always, have been slacking off and doing whatever nonsense I do. I think there was something in me that was trying to runaway from the responsibility of writing posts and preventing me from updating.  I live a pretty languish life, not much to talk about except school and a couple of my interests but since I was graduating I kinda felt even more lackluster so I tried to ignore logging-on WordPress as much as possible. Like a severe case of writer’s block with a side of procrastination and self-depreciation.

Before the 12th, back when I was still in Indonesia, Hannah talked to me about her birthday present for me. She told me that she’d like to purchase the customized URL for this blog, so the .wordpress would officially be gone for an entire year. I was touched, am still touched, by such a generous gift and not to mention very thoughtful gesture. Hannah is an amazing friend and confidant, and I honestly can’t thank her enough.

So here we are now, I welcome you all to! It honestly feels great to look at those words and hear them roll off my tongue. I’m definitely going to take this blog to a-whole-nother level of serious, make an effort and dedicate more (wo)man-hours into making it worthy of a custom url.


Stocking Fillers

It’s that time of year again, the time when people start busting out their long lists of wants and must-haves. My Christmas wishlist this 2014 however, is a short one. Granted that last year, I had a major haul courtesy of my mother and my ever so gracious grandmother. And by major haul, I meant more than 2-3 gifts that aren’t clothes. Which is also always considered a major blessing in my book.

It’s been 9 months since I graduated university and I’m never not feeling guilty about still being unemployed. That’s the same amount of time it takes for a goddamn baby to gestate and be birthed! Ugh. Imagine the anxiety I get whenever I see my friends and old schoolmates kick-ass at their jobs. It’s a challenge to go on social media without being virtually smacked by everyone else’s success stories.

That said, my wishlist this year is a measly 4-item lineup. I would totally buy these for myself if I already had the means but alas, I’m stuck in a Lemony Snicket-y situation. Without further ado:

  • DODOCOOL Lightning + Micro-USB Charge & Sync Cable

My iPad’s lightning cable’s impending death is close and in desperate need of a replacement. No one else in my immediate family owns Apple products, so unless I get a new one, I’m screwed. I’m way too hesitant borrowing from my cousins anyway. I’ve done some research on the interwebz and Dodocool’s products comes in highly recommended as well as some of the most reasonably priced items I’ve seen. Their 2-in-1 charge & sync cable is quite the bargain. Not only is it multifuctional, it’s also guaranteed to live longer than the regular, sometimes super expensive, and (let’s be honest) subpar products *cough Apple lightning cord cough* we get at stores.

  • Polaroid ZINK Paper

Among last Christmas’ gift haul was a Polaroid Z2300 from my Grandmother. She purchased it with 2 30-pack boxes of ZINK paper but I’ve eventually ran out of film. Sadly, these Polaroid products aren’t available in the Philippines (for some reason they only sell Polaroid tablets here, what’s up with that?) and can only be procured online. Basically, I can’t afford them given my being on the shelf and all. Also, shipping fees are a real bitch.

  • Keds Champion CVO Black/Black

After sitting in stasis for almost 2 years since high school and God knows how long before that, my old pair of black Keds, which I inherited from my mom, had finally lain to rest after 1 1/2 years of loyal service. I started using them in third-year back in uni and they’ve been an everyday staple since. They’ve served me well enough and I’ve even tried saving them multiple times by getting them mended thrice. If it weren’t for the atrocious weather and floods in Manila, my old Keds would’ve lived a little bit longer. Rest in peace, old friend.

  • Lorde x MAC Cosmetics, or just the Cyber and Heroine lipsticks (What? I can like make-up now stop overreacting, geez.)

I’ve come to realize that cosmetics are great. I got the memo pretty late because I’m usually not into the whole putting make-up thing and since I was caught up in the whole illusion that it was ‘too girly’. I truly am a basic bitch in this department for the only kind of cosmetics I use on a daily basis is concealer, powder and chapstick. I loved Lorde’s collab with MAC cosmetics, they were so chic but since her line was a one-off, I doubt I’ll be able to find any Pure Heroine any time soon. Hence, the option of MAC Cyber or MAC Heroine which are the essential colors used for Pure Heroine. I’ve obviously done my research, haven’t I? Anyway, I’ve trying to build a stash of my own. I am still a novice in the ways of Michele Phan but I’m here to learn.


Well, that’s about it. I hope all your wishlist items get crossed off this year too.  Your wishful thinking’s about as good as mine, hah!